Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Connotations Task

Connotations Task. 

Desire: This image it a low shot to capture the emotion of desire
to desire something that is bad for you is a deep feeling
and with this image i believe it captures the feeling because its
placing the 'desire' in a dominant position a close up shot.
Additionally the bring colors of the crisps and dark clothes
of the subject reinforce this idea of what you desire could
make you happy and give you this bright energy.

This is to reflect friendship the over the shoulder camera angle
to suggest an engagement between these two people
and this connection is friendship. 

This image represents wealth, this is a medium shot to reflect
that wealth in this country is something normal to have and
reflects the carelessness of the money we have
by just jumbling the cards and money together in a careless fashion

This image represents fear, we used a close up because it catches
more emotion and detail and here you can see the eye
is teary and fearful which is what give us that realistic feeling
of fear.

This image captures greed, we done a over the shoulder image
to create a connection with the subject. The connection we have
with fast food that we don't need it but we want it, this can be
seen as greed from another point of view off of someone that
does not have this luxury.

This Image is to represent poverty. we used a high angle shot to
show the feel of poverty and the weakness that comes with it,
the fact that we can waste water so easily and the other sides of
the world can't get is as easy as we can it represents the waste
that we have and how we don't realize how fortunate we are.
This could represent poverty over the world, however could also
represent poverty in our minds for not realizing
what we have. 

This is a low angle shot of the scaffolding to represent danger.
This represents danger because a low angle shot
shows the subject being seen as dominant and intimidating
which is a representation of danger. 

This medium shot represents love. We chose a medium shot
to represent the formality and normality of love and how love
can mean a variety of different things and this is just one example
of what love can be and also the most common it can be.

This medium shot represents weakness. The limpness and dullness
of the image suggests a sad and dark theme, additionally the absence
of leaves could suggest and absence of life which leads to the idea
of this image representing weakness.  

This image represents loneliness. we used a medium shot because
loneliness is a feeling that everybody gets and we wanted it to feel relatable
to the audience and therefore they will have a clear insight into the images
behind meaning.  

This image is a close up but not an extreme close up and this represents purity.
The brightness of this image makes the subjects skin look white which links
with the purity of this angelic image everyone gets when they think of purity.

This image represents strength. We used a low angle shot to show
the dominance of the subject and could not only suggest physical strength
however mental and personality strength in which this confidence of the
subject suggest and shows.

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