Friday, 30 January 2015

The Editing Process Guide

This is the old version of my Editing Guide before improvements (above)

This is the new and improved version of my Editing Guide (below)

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  1. Alana,

    You have made a good start here and you have got some very relevant and useful screen shots for a reader to follow.

    To improve:
    - a little more of the 'why' is needed - why do you have to select eject? why must you save in movies? why do we export in MP4?
    - you are missing some little bits in some of your steps, e.g., copying the files, you mention that you highlight them but then do not mention copying or renaming them. Take your time and check through the guide again (you could even test it to see if you are successful when following it) to see if there are any key details missing.