Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Research and Planning: Designing an E-sting

The Initial Idea:

For my E-sting animation I would use live action stop motion, after experimenting with different materials I found using people was most practicle and equally more audience engaging, therefore I would use this as my material. The idea behind the E-sting would be for a person against a white drop back holding a piece of plain A4 paper, in each different shot there would be drawing coming together on the white paper of events that have happened since E4 was created which in my research I found out that was 2001 for example a few events that could be drawn

- Creation of facebook (2004)
- Creation of the Gherkin in London (2004)
- YouTube is launched (2005)
- Apple debutes the IPhone (2007)
- Bejing hosts Olympic Games (2008)
- Barack Obama first black president (2009)

These are not the definite example of events I would use, as there wont be time to cover all, however these are a few examples of what could be chose to be drawn. Once all the events have been drawn it will lead onto and end with the E4 logo being the remaning factor with the message that is to keep in the audiences mind and to show that E4 has been there through all these events and will continue to be a successful broadcaster. This will be rememerable to the audience by highlighting key events that have influenced everyone and at the end the logo will appear which will also remind the audience what service has brought you this channel Ident.

Terms and Conditions for the E-sting competition:

You must not use anyone else's material especially with music. 

This specifies the only format that E4 will accept.

- You must be over 16 years of age and consent to being in an E-sting/ for people being in someones E-sting.

- You must not obtain anyone else's material e.g. Music, Brand Logo, other than the E4 one.

- You must not reveal any court cases or arrests or say any untrue statements about the company.

Final Idea:

After discussing ideas between class associates and taking the terms and conditions into consideration, I have decided to join with Adams idea as it was more practical and I wouldn't have to consider copyright of logos when pursing my idea of using Facebook, You tube and Apple. Adam had the idea of using stop-motion animation using paint on a canvas, using hands without actually touching the tools to paint, but using stop-motion to make it look as if the paint is coming out of someones fingers. The paint will splatter and the E4 logo will be formed through that paint.

The actual story is based on showing E4 in a creative light, because we want the animation to be effective we want to have multiple paintings happening, each splatter could start a different drawing that could be happening at the same time as the spattered paint and all the different paint drawings and different colours in the end will form to an E4 colourful picture.

1. The format we will be using for our E-sting is stop-motion animation, the materials we will be using is acrylic paint with a plain white canvas. We have chosen to use stop-motion with the idea of paint in mind because we have seen after researching how much it can engage an audience and get the message across to the audience. When we made our recce ones in class the stop-motion using people were proven to be most effective, which is why we have an idea to not only use paint but possibly use a persons hand to show the paint coming to life, or even to use a Lego character making the paint come to life.

2. The brief narrative of our proposed E-sting, we will begin with using Lego character as the artist for the paint, the character will be on a ladder, leaning on a canvas placing down masking tape on the canvas to create a layout of the E4 logo using stop-motion. Then we will make it look as if the character is going to sneeze and he falls off the ladder, and when he does, his little paint bucket spills and creates this splatter of paint. We will create the splatter of paint by off camera getting paint brushes covered in purple paint and hand splatter it on. After seeing what the character has potentially 'ruined' the character will look as if he is kicking the canvas and it falls over, the masking tape will peel off due to the momentum of the fall, using stop motion, and there the E4 logo will be revealed to show the character did not ruin it and remind the audience what Channel they are watching.

3. Our animation will be set on a canvas, using masking tape to withhold the position of the E4 logo in place, while the purple paint is splattered on the canvas, removing the masking tape, and revealing the E4 logo. We thought this would be effective because it is using the creative materials and stop-motion to show how E4 is a creative media channel and because it will be made memorable for the audience. The setting for our character would be a man (our character) is putting up a billboard then he falls

4. A potential limitation could be producing fluid movement in regards to using a liquid material that is not as easy to control as a solid character such as the Lego figure we are using. Another difficulty will be the time, how long it will take us to actually produce this piece, considering we might have to take our own time as well as the lessons we are given. Additionally the time of the 10 second limit for the E-sting, we have to keep within the time limit which is attempting to compact our story idea into that time limit, while still telling the story effectively. Thinking of the finance we already posses the canvas, so we may have to budget to order some more paint, and also to purchase a unmarked Lego figure where we can create our own character facial expressions, furthermore keeping to the copyright laws we do not want to take a corporate Lego labeled character that we could trespass the copyright law with.

5. Taking into the consideration of our research on E4 and what their target audience is, we have to accommodate to what would humor/interest that age range. The target audience we would like to aim for is the category 16-24 year olds, they would be most familiar with the use of Lego and understand the reason for using it due to most of them using it in their childhood. Additionally the use of paint on a canvas can represent creativity and the audience in the younger bracket are arguably creative thinkers, it could also represent Art/Media subjects that the target audience are most likely to be students and therefore at university or at college and most relative to this subject.

Pre-Production Paperwork

This is a drawing of our main character, he is a French artist, Frankie, who is painting a canvas for the his local street, so that the other village people can enjoy the art. However he messes it up and thinks he ruins the painting, although we find out in the end that he actually created something amazing which is the E4 logo splattered with colour. He is our only character as we are limited to a 10 second time limit therefore if we want our idea to be successful and fit into that limit, we thought just one character would be able to portray an effective story line within the amount of time given.

Below is the completed pre production paperwork:

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  1. You have in a pair but with no teacher input, planned a response to a brief to near-professional standards. You have conceptualized creative and imaginative ideas whilst working to professional expectations.