Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Assessment Feedback


First submission
You have explained the requirements of working to a specified brief with reference to some specific and well-chosen relevant examples. Some of the English is a little muddled and proof-reading would help.

You have in a pair but with no teacher input, planned a response to a brief to near-professional standards. You have conceptualized creative and imaginative ideas whilst working to professional expectations.

You have applied a response to a specified brief to near professional standards (in-focus, correctly exposed, smooth from correct frame rate) and you’ve shown creativity and flair in your idea. You worked completely independently throughout all stages of productions and to professional expectations. This esting would be appropriate for Channel 4 and for the specified audience.

You have explained your own work in relation to your experiences working to a brief. You have used some subject terminology (and correctly) but there is room for more. You have related to relevant illustrative examples.

You have comprehensively explained the requirements of working to a brief and you have managed to link to both your own experiences and industry practice and examples throughout. You have put a lot of effort and also detail into this post - well done!

You have critically evaluated your own work and audiences responses on completion of working to a brief. You have demonstrated the collection of feedback and analysed it thoroughly and you have given consideration to how well you coped with the constraints of a brief.

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