Monday, 11 April 2016

Overview of Music Video.


We have chosen Coldplays - Don't panic as our song of choice, we have chosen this because the music video narrative we had in mind linked very well with the lyrics of this song. The idea of our music video is to show opposites of the world, the good things that we should celebrate, for example the beautiful places, people getting along, recycling, and the not so good things, for example war, pollution, poverty. We have planned to get this type of footage from different locations of where we live and also copy right free footage online of war footage bombs being released etc, we can make some settings up ourselves to reflect certain situations. We had this narrative in our minds because it is a serious issue the way that earth is degrading due to human use and consumption of not only fossil fuels, but other demands from the earth and the war creating destruction. Music videos are effective in portraying a message and causing controversy. If people enjoy the song they will usually access sites like YouTube to view the music video and gain a better interpretation of the song, which this particular song has 4,903,175 views on YouTube and has reached audiences around the world. An issue with such importance should be shed light on where is possible and this music video will give us the opportunity to expose and remind the audiences to think about how they are treating the world.

Poverty - Possible topics that could be highlighted in the footage.

War - Another topic that could be considered.

Similarly the music video at current has an animated showing of how the world works, but our idea is different, we want to make the audience realize and appreciate where they live and what we have access to, how far we have come in technology and how far we have to go to protect it. The lyrics fit extremely well, the repetition of the line 'we live in a beautiful world' is subliminally informing the audience, while the music video will be showing the educational content of our footage. The main goal of the music video is to educate and make a video that audiences can question and learn from.

I was inspired by the music video Linkin Park made for their song 'What I've done' they had images of opposing forces, for example one piece of footage was of someone starving with nothing to eat and the alternative piece of footage shows a large man eating a large burger. Just to make the audience aware that there are people in the world that have it different and as a western band and reaching predominately western first world countries, it is an effective way to send the message that there are less fortunate and we have to think about helping them and appreciating what we have.

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