Monday, 29 September 2014

B. Assignment 1 : Depict

Depict: initial planning 

My initial idea

My first individual idea was an idea of the college being a labyrinth and these couple of friends stuck within the college trying to find a way out and they have a feeling of being chased. it is more or less a persons worst nightmare with the claustrophobia and fear of being watched, then one of the friends vanish and because the one who is chasing as we would see cuts of his face following. To conclude it was all a nightmare and one of the friends wake up and it was all one massive trip from doing a drug. 

Combined Idea
When our group came together we decided to feed off of each others ideas to conclude to one idea. Reuban another colleague in my group had an idea of bringing props to life to chase someone and giving them this characterization and then the props attacking him on the floor in one shot and the next shot him wearing all the props and accepting them. We combined these ideas and created one idea that was the props chasing this man or woman and them being unable to run away and escape this madness of props chasing him and every room he walks into is the same room each time. 

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