Friday, 26 September 2014


3 main videos:

This depicT short clip is called 'Anyone can change the world'. This short sequence is an animation that has a base story of how people can change the world however do not have the motivation and willing to do so. How people can sit and watch TV dramas and reality TV when there is tragedies being broadcast on the news every hour. In this animation they used the idea of dogs complaining about being hungry however they don't do anything to find food for themselves they just expect it. This is seen as a symbolism for humans and how we treat the world ourselves, and that if we want to change something and make the world a better place we should do it. 'Just because people think they can't solve all the worlds problems and make it better over night, means there is no purpose' - direct quote from the video which sums up the story line of how people do not contribute because they don't think they will make a difference. However this video is trying to make people aware of the conflict we battle with keeping the world going round and also making people aware of the politics in this world is in everything you do. This is why i found this video a very important one to listen to because it makes the audience think, additionally being an animation delivers it in a fun and positive way that would engage the audience into the purpose of this short sequence. 

This video is called 'Everything turns' and it is an animation. In this sequence we see what activities and factors make the world what it is and in a sense make the world keep 'turning'. It starts off with a clock this makes us aware of the time we have living on this 'turning' earth and just how precious it is, then we hear the sound effect of money falling which could represent the economy and the popular saying 'money makes the world go round'. It then moves on to one of the most important parts which is the reproduction system of sex and how baby's are made because if there wasn't a consistent growth of population the world would not be complete without the humans. Furthermore it represents books, fast food, war destruction and then nature and so on, these are the factors that make up the world we live in and I believe it's important to make the audience aware of what they live around and everything that helps them survive. 

This short sequence is called 'war' and it is also an animation. In this video there are two blurred shadows of a male and female however they are animation, it begins by them being stitched together and trying to separate from each other and fighting to get away and become detached. The word 'war' represents the war they are fighting against each other, however the string connecting them could represent their feelings this could be based on the idea of loving someone who is bad for you and you need to get away from each other. On the other hand it could represent that they belong together but distance or family matters could be pulling them apart. At the end of the clip it ends by them finally being separated and what it looks like is that they died because of the separation, however they stitching turns to blood which emphasizes the death idea. Then the 'blood' starts to travel and joins each of the separated bodies together, this is effective because it reinforces this idea of love and always being in eachother's heart or a part of their soul.

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