Thursday, 25 September 2014

Plan and shoot a short sequence of up to 20 shots in which a package of some kind changes hands. your sequence must include the following:

  • At least 5 close-ups
  • At least one extreme close-up
  • At least two matches on action
  • At least one eyeline match 
  • At least one POV
  • A shot-reverse shot sequence
  • One (but only one) camera movement
  • Some establishing shots and re-establishing shots 
  • At least one non-cut transition ( which you will add when you are editing but which must be planned for).
In this short sequence we used a variety of camera angles and movements to create a story that was shown through these particular shots without using dialog. We used a number of close ups that was not just focused on the face but the foot work of the subject. This created a feel of being watched someone watching your every move which creates the feeling of paranoia and suspense, this then leads to the feel of what this story is about. We also used a variety of cuts to give the sequence a cutting edge feel of action; it additionally brings the action right to audience’s feet and gives them a choice of how to perceive the scene. We also used POV shots when Stuart (purchaser) is waiting for ‘Dazman’ and looks for him and then it cuts and we switch to ‘Dazman’ walking towards the purchaser. This is effective because it puts the audience in the scene and gives them a closer insight into the situation which therefore engages them further with the sequence. We then used an extreme close up of the ‘exchange’ and this was effective because we followed ‘Dazman’ with the parcel and then it flipped round and the camera followed the purchaser now with the parcel. This is effective because it’s following the action in the scene and as we sped it up it makes the exchange smooth and looks more official.
The sound that we used was from Bourne ultimatum OST and Bourne supremacy OST. We chose these because they deliver a sense of suspicion and curiosity to the sequence and additional help tell the story without giving anything away. The music fits well because it’s that cutting edge where you don’t know what could happen and it leads up to the final scene where what’s in the package is released and a short sound of a symbol is played to create a comedic effect. This is effective because it builds up the audiences suspense which therefore engages them into the sequence and then at the end there it is and it’s not what the audience expect it to be which creates the humour to finish the sequence on a positive vibe.  
In the sequence there were parts of the criteria we did not follow, for example the camera movements stated we were only allowed to use one however we used two. One camera movement was when the exchange happened to create an action effect and emphasise the importance of this particular scene. The other camera movement was when the camera panned to follow ‘Dazman’ which then the police officer enters the scene for the first time. Using a pan to introduce this character made the subject appear more dominant and in this situation that is exactly what we wanted to deliver. However that was not following the criteria correctly which means next time we will have to try and create an effect fully following the correct criteria.
To improve next time we could change the colour effects to make it more of a dull sequence leading up to the last scene and then we have bright colours to reveal the end product but also to reveal the change in mood from curious to humorous.

To conclude overall I think that our short sequence was effective and gave off the atmosphere we wanted it to but also told the story without using any dialog and made it understandable for the audience to comprehend. Additionally I think we worked well as a team and were open to each other’s ideas which are what made this project fun and successful.

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