Monday, 28 September 2015

Developing a Story/Character

Looking at Phil Parker's ten basic story types, I believe my story would fit into The Romance category, as my protagonist is seen to have something missing, and they need to reach this desire to get fulfillment, the object of desire is seen as the potential solution. In my story my main character Lucy is seen to be in love with her best friend and she want's to be able to love him in that way but there are barriers, to not ruin their friendship is the major one, however there are other barriers in my story, when it hits to a flashback one of the barriers is when he begins to like another girl and the final barrier being the opportunity for the desire to move away and be impossible for the protagonist to reach. These obstacles are what makes the pursuit so desirable for the main character and therefore the audience desires it further, the resolution comes at the end of the story when the protagonist develops as a character and becomes fearless and confesses how she feels, finally uniting with that desire.

My story fits into Robet McKee's story plots as the Maturation plot which is best described as coming of age, the way the story follows the character through it's years of growing up, as the protagonist develops from a reserved person, to a confident and well rounded person, Along with the progression of feelings for the desire that character has, it is best classed as coming of age, coming of feelings. My story could also fit into the Education Plot, the protagonists view of itself, as 'not good enough' to be anything more than the other characters friend and for her at the start to not believe in herself and starting out negative, it eventually progresses to positivley when she reveals how she truly feels and is more open. 

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