Monday, 28 September 2015

Practice Writing.

1)The news story: 

To put this story into a film I would begin with one of the main characters being an individual that works at Dismaland who used to work at the real Disneyland on the rides. Until he began to have an affair with the hotel managers wife, without realizing who he was dealing with. The manager is actually a member of the Mexican cartel, the mafia. He is on the run, they took his house and petrol bombed it, he realized that the real Disneyland was run by the mafia. He stays on the run, from Paris to London and eventually ends up at Weston - Supermare, after years of hiding in an abandoned water park being an unknown artist for creating images against corruption and capitalism. He ends up creating a theme park recreating a mock of the real Disneyland, he calls it Dismaland, still keeping his identity hidden by acting like a ordinary individual who works on the park, nobody has ever seen him, which means no-one would recognize him. He is very successful by this point giving the Weston - Supermare a £20M boost in sales, leaving everyone clueless, all they know is his name...Banksy.


My own experiences into a story:

2) The story is based on a male called Jonny whom was in a what seemed, in a happy and loving relationship, recently had his first child. His childhood wasn't the easiest, growing up in his other brothers shadow who had gone to university and was working successfully in London, he didn't do too bad, he was a carpenter and provided like anyone else for his family. Not everything seemed perfect behind closed doors, the arguments and moaning had taken it's toll. 3 years after his first child was born , his marriage was crumbling and he wanted a change, not feeling right for a while he sat down and told his wife he was leaving, because he believed his sexuality had took a different turn and he now liked men as well as woman. His wife did not take it well of course, being a single mother is hard, however he offered to help and she turned it down. There was several court attempts and eventually he saw her once every two weeks. After coming out to his family that is when he knew he needed to get away, being divorced from your parents has to be the hardest thing. He went on a 3 month long trip around Europe trying to find his feet, from the parties, to the drugs, to the transsexual side, you name it, he had tried it. Eventually running out of money he turned to prostitution and was at the bottom of the bottomless pit, Jonny met someone when at the bottom who brought him back up, it was a guy called Toby, he was also travelling to find himself from the UK. They came back and were living in Brighton, things didn't stay good for long when they broke up and he became homeless again, finding himself squatting from apartment to apartment until he got a phone call from his foster auntie asking to see him and to help him get back on his feet, reuniting him with his family and giving them time to talk, welcoming him back to the home.

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