Monday, 14 September 2015

Script Treatment


Based in a small Essex town, (Lucy, aged 30, blonde) sitting at a table at a leaving party about to make a speech for her best friend (Joe, aged 31, dark brown hair and a beard)  moving away party. Lucy begins to have flashbacks of her and her best friend when they were growing up and slowly through the film. Then her character develops to her coming to the realization that she is actually in love with her best friend. The flashbacks include the day they first met when they were in high school, the high school dance, then the house party they go to in high school, their first break ups, when Joe's parents break up. Just to get an overview of how they have developed as friends while unknowingly falling in love. The intended message is to go for an opportunity before it is too late, if Lucy had have admitted her feelings and followed the signs when she was younger, it could have stopped Joe from moving away. There is always a good and a bad in any situation.


The scene begins in the function room, showing people having conversations and old friends and family meeting in slow motion. Then it pans and we meet the first character, Lucy, aged 32, brunette, she is sitting at a table by herself practicing her lines before the speech time starts, while she is going over her lines there is just soft music in the background with the sound of glasses clinking and a noise of conversations. She begins to say parts of her speech over and over to show she is practicing, she then takes over the role of a narrator and explains that this is a big day of hers and she needs to be calm and pretend she is happy for Joe who is moving away. This is where we meet the second character Joe, aged 31, dark brown with a beard, this is Lucy's best friend who has been offered a job of a lifetime in Australia to work as a marine vet, she acts happy for him but deep down she is actually in love with him. It fades to the first flashback.


The first flashback starts from when they were 15 at a high school dance, they were getting ready together on the night of the dance ready to go together. They are at the dance and dancing with these other people and Joe ends up leaving the dance and going back to this third characters house, this third character is Emma, blonde, tall and beautiful. Lucy see's them leave but roots for Joe, she texts him saying have fun and she will pick him up in the morning from her house if he wants, he doesn't reply. Eventually the night draws to an end and the guy Lucy was dancing with the forth character David, brunette, similar height to Lucy, David asks Lucy to come back to an after party at his mates house. She goes and ends up sleeping with this David.

It leads straight onto the next flashback, their first day of college, they find out that they are in the same chemistry class so they sit next to each other and spend the duration of the day together, at lunch and the walk home. They walk near the beach on their way home and talk about where they want to be in a few years time, Joe wants to be a marine vet, however adds that he wants it to be a job here so he can stick with his best friend, and Lucy shares how she would like to be a nurse and head of the children's ward.

Fast forwarding to the next flashback which is results day, they are 18 now, Joe gets into The University of East London which means he will be studying away for a few months and Lucy has the A-level to gain a nursing apprenticeship, in a big hospital in the city. The day they both begin and Lucy starts her job and Joe goes off to uni,they hug and say goodbye at the train station, it's emotional but Joe makes her laugh and says he will be back to visit in a month, and they almost kiss. Joe walks away to get on the train and Lucy calls him back about to tell him how she feels, but then she loses confidence and as he turns to ask what the train doors shut and it leaves the station in slow motion it's them waving to each other.


It cuts back to what is the present in the function assembly hall. His mother begins her speech and talks about how proud of her son she is, Joe's mother refers to his memories from growing up as being like a kaleidoscope of memories, the next flashback is exactly portrayed like a kaleidoscope of memories, pictures of Joe and Lucy flashing in Lucy's mind, a fast and upbeat song is in the back ground as this is the point where Lucy comes to the realization of the fact she is in love with Joe and doesn't know how she is going to handle the speech.

The moment comes when Lucy has to produce the speech, it begins with her introducing herself and saying how Joe is her best friend. The sound cuts to a muffled sound of laughter and you cannot hear her speech, it's just the footage of her doing the speech and laughing at points, this is to show she does do the speech. After the speech everyone goes back to their general background chit chat noise and Joe thanks Lucy and it's an emotional good bye, again they come to the position that they are close to kissing but they don't quite get there. Lucy decides to leave the building and walk home into a dark street. Joe runs after her and Joe asks why she isn't fighting for him to stay,she explains she doesn't want to hold him back, she does love him and eventually as the protagonist Lucy confesses how she feels and unites with her desire, Joe also embraces a similar feeling towards Lucy

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